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How is art changing you and the world?

Why is art so important? Is it really that important? You will hear many people saying that art is useless. It is nice to look at a beautiful painting or a sculpture, it is pleasant, but it is not going to change your life. It is not going to reduce famine and poverty in the world, it is not going to pay your bills or end the war in Syria. They are right. Art is another thing that is not going to just “fix” the world's problems over night.
Actually, art has a far bigger meaning for the world than feeding people's basic needs for food and survival. In nowadays society, we always want to see the “material and immediate” result of something – we want to see it, to touch it, to be sure that it is there, that it exists, that we are not loosing our time on something useless. And we want it now! Quickly. When it comes to art and its impact on people, it is hard to say what the particular results of it would be. It is very hard to quantify art's results by giving precise number…

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