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Are NGOs making a difference in the world?

Are NGOs really effective? Do they actually make a difference in the world? This is a question that people ask me very often as I am working myself for an NGO. I even ask sometimes myself this question. Is my work making a difference in the world, in someone's life or is it just a waste of time and money? Sometimes it is so difficult to see the results of social work. There are still extremely poor people in the world, still the planet is in danger because of the global warming, still education and health care are main issues in most of the developing countries, violence and violation of human rights are still present in our society. It seems like the main society issuespersist. We still face the same problems and maybe they are even bigger than 10 or 15 years ago. The only change seems to be the increasing numbers of NGOs all over the world trying to solve them. It looks like the more problems we have, the more NGOs come to live.
So the question of effectiveness of non-profits i…

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